Lisa has given me my life back. I discovered Lisa through Google just under a year ago after being diagnosed with Chronic Pain relating to extensive endometriosis on my diaphragm, lateral bowel and liver. Fortunately, due to monthly acupuncture treatments with Lisa I have been able to significantly reduce my GP subscribed opiate pain medication and return to a virtually pain-free life. Lisa was also able to invite me to try new methods of very small changes with my diet that have also had a dramatic effect on my wellbeing. From being bed bound with tortuous levels of pain, missing out on many social events and loss of paid work, words cannot describe how grateful and happy I am to feel well again. A very meaningful and heartfelt thank you. JW

‘I found out my baby was breech during a scan when I was around 35 weeks pregnant. I started looking for ways to help baby turn on their own and read about moxibustion online. When I saw Lisa’s website I felt confident to reach out due to her background in pregnancy and midwifery training. Lisa was so kind to fit me in at short notice so that we could start the moxibustion at the optimum time in my pregnancy and I was so happy and relieved to find out that baby had turned head down at a scan at 37 weeks. Lisa also had lots of hints and tips for what difference acupressure points might help with my labour. Thank you so much Lisa!’     R.W.

Lisa’s passion and knowledge is second to none and I give my highest recommendation. Throughout a chronic pain condition Lisa has adapted and tweaked my treatment with the ebb and flow of my life to ensure ongoing relief.  Always taking an interest and being warm, friendly, supportive and supplying great advice on top of effective acupuncture treatment.”  PL.

‘Being unable to use HRT for menopausal symptoms after breast cancer, I turned to acupuncture and Lisa for help after researching its benefits online.  Lisa’s experienced and knowledgeable approach took into account all the symptoms I was experiencing and after several treatment sessions my symptoms have subsided completely and as a result my sleep pattern has returned to normal.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lisa and acupuncture as my experience has been nothing but positive.’  E.G.

‘I had been struggling to conceive for many years and whilst I had vaguely heard of the positive influence acupuncture can have on fertility I didn’t seek treatment. It wasn’t until we made the decision to have IVF that I was made aware of how much research there is to support the use of Acupuncture alongside fertility treatments. I was recommended Lisa by a friend and after speaking to Lisa I decided to go ahead with acupuncture and never looked back. I looked forward to my sessions with Lisa as the IVF treatment is demanding and the Acupuncture always allowed me to rebalance and be calm throughout and undoubtedly made me more positive about the whole experience. Lisa supported me and tailored treatments right from the start through to egg transfer and then throughout my pregnancy. I can not recommend Lisa enough to anyone who is considering treatment and thank her very much.’  KC.

After finding out our baby was breached, I thought I’d try moxibustion after the midwife mentioned it could help turn the baby.

I found Lisa on the internet. I was impressed from the outset, a quick response to my contact, flexible in making my appointment, and she put me at ease as soon as I met her.

A week later the baby has turned, we couldn’t be happier. I’d highly recommend Lisa. SC

‘’Over the years I have enjoyed the benefit of care and nurture from a range of excellent wellbeing practitioners. Lisa Gordon is amongst the very best. For starters Lisa provides a thoroughly professional service. Lisa’s consultations are patient and incisive. Lisa really listens and gets to the heart of what I want and need before using any needles. I have been pleasantly surprised by the bespoke treatment Lisa then provides. Over and above acupuncture Lisa skilfully draws on wide ranging holistic expertise to offer the right approach each time.

I have experienced tangible positive results in spirit, body and mind as a direct result of Lisa’s care.’’ SM

I have tried acupuncture previously and found Lisa to be head and shoulders above the previous practitioners. I find the sessions to be very therapeutic and I value the ‘whole systems’ approach. I feel that I can be open and Lisa is able to adapt each session to address my concerns whilst keeping a focus on the underlying issue. I think Lisa is balanced in being a scientist practitioner in that she has a good grasp of my condition, including relevant research, keeping in mind the Western diagnostic approach while addressing my symptoms from an Eastern medical perspective. My feedback to my husband following sessions has swayed him to have some sessions too – and he is a very Western medicine man! Whilst I am early in my treatment, I do feel that I am benefitting and I think this will be demonstrable in the months to come. SL

‘I started having regular acupuncture with Lisa for unexplained infertility, before and during our fertility treatment and continued the whole way through our pregnancy. I am a huge believer in the benefits this bought me throughout this time both emotionally and physically. I felt really comfortable with Lisa from the very start and found her to be a huge support. Her knowledge of acupuncture for fertility is second to none and she also gave me lots of advice during the pregnancy, which I found hugely helpful. I was 10 days overdue when our baby was born and am convinced it was the final acupuncture treatment that set the labour off, saving me from being induced. I couldn’t recommend acupuncture and in particular Lisa’s treatment for fertility…I’m delighted to say it worked for us!’

“Following treatments with Lisa from the early part of this year, the results have been incredible.  The biggest compliment I can pay Lisa is that whilst my consultations have been relevant to the skin condition which was the problem I sought acupuncture for, her knowledge and experience on general health have been invaluable.  I would recommend her treatments for the benefit of overall health and well-being as well as for specific problems.”  C.J

“I have been having regular treatments with Lisa for almost a year and I have to say that she is absolutely amazing. She doesn’t only give me physical treatments rather than she treats me psychology also. She’s friendly, a great listener and always keen to help and give her sincere advice on whatever I ask her about. I am always looking forward to my session with her. She has fantastically improved my health and changed my diet habits. I have now lost over a stone just from following her advice and changing my habits.” (H.A)

“Thankyou Lisa for the treatment that bought relief to my painful problems – thankfully I can now sleep through the night!” (P.S)

“I find Lisa an extremely intuitive and sensitive therapist who has enabled me to effectively manage a period of stress and personal change. My energy levels and sleep patterns have greatly improved as a result of my treatments. I cannot recommend her highly enough” (D.S)

“I have been going through difficult times recently and Lisa’s confident and assured approach has helped a great deal.  Not only has she helped with my physical aches and pains but I feel I have benefitted mentally from the holistic manner of her management of me as an individual patient.  She is a great listener and displays great empathy. She takes care in explaining each treatment and her knowledge of acupuncture makes me have every confidence in her as a practitioner.”  J.S.

“The treatment I received was tailored for me.  Any questions I asked were always answered and treatment always explained.
Each time I went for acupuncture I was asked to describe how I felt physically and emotionally and was treated accordingly.  At last I was looked at as me – a person – not just a post-operative body.  A line of communication had been opened and an understanding achieved between 2 people who wanted the same end result: freedom from physical pain and lifting the spirit from a hopeless state to a place where there was again a joy of life.  This was certainly achieved. Thank you Lisa” P.D.

“I have had acupuncture for many years, and was recently fortunate enough to move to a new city and benefit from Lisa’s highly professional approach, which provides treatment specifically tailored to individual personal health conditions.  The relaxing treatments have helped enormously in boosting energy levels, addressing menopausal symptoms, and also in promoting feelings of wellbeing and assisting greatly in enhancing quality of my sleep”. J.C.

Lisa is a talented and insightful therapist who always gives 100% to her patients.  She is passionate about her work and I would recommend her without reservation.” S.D.D.

After the sudden onset of a condition I decided to seek acupuncture as a form of treatment as I had heard positive things about it.    Lisa was fantastic from the first session and put me at ease straight away. She explained how and what to expect from the treatment and helped to put me at ease as the nature of my condition was very stressful.  After the sessions I felt physically, mentally and emotionally improved. Lisa’s professional, friendly and experienced approach, teamed with the relaxing atmosphere of the treatment room made for a very pleasant experience. I was delighted that after three weeks of treatments I had fully recovered. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone seeking acupuncture.” C.B 

“I think this is the most effective therapy I have ever tried.  It produced instant results for me.  Highly recommended” J.A.

“After seeing a female hormone specialist on Harley Street who recommended I have a course of acupuncture treatments  I started seeing Lisa at her West Bridgford clinic. I began with two treatments a week  to really ensure an impact. After one month the main problem I had been experiencing each month for the past year was rectified, I was somewhat lost for words as I was convinced it was something more serious than the apparent imbalance which was addressed, as is the approach of this type of treatment. I am continuing with the  treatments, 1-2 a week to address other issues and am already noticing various improvements. I have had acupuncture before from other practitioners, however, Lisa’s approach, I believe, makes all the difference. A thorough history is taken and updated with each visit, the setting is well decorated and professional yet relaxing and Lisa herself is a genuine, warm, non-judgmental therapist with an obvious wealth of knowledge and  experience. I feel reassured to be in such good hands and look forward to each session. I always come away feeling more calm and happy from the whole experience.”  N.B.


Genuine testimonials from patients.  Initials are used for patient confidentiality.


For further information on acupuncture in Nottingham, West Bridgford  contact Lisa on 07808 111287 or email lisa@acupuncture-nottingham.co.uk