This week I introduce the concept of how skin brushing boosts immune health.  In Chinese Medicine, the Lung, Large Intestine and Skin are all related. The close relationship between the lung and the skin is often seen clinically in children who have a combination of both asthma and eczema.
In order to strengthen our Lung Qi during this time of Covid-19 as well as boosting our Wei Qi  (immune system in western medical terms) we can use skin brushing.

As well as Improving overall immunity, skin brushing also has the following benefits

Reduces inflammation
Improves circulation and lymphatic drainage
Reduces cellulite
Detoxifies and exfoliates the skin
Improves organ function
Enhances energy levels
I invite you to spend 5 minutes a day to feel the effects.
Firstly choose a natural bristle brush with handle or alternatively a loofa glove.
Brush gently once a day ideally in the morning before showering
Use long upward strokes feet to legs, hands to shoulders, upwards on the torso, always towards the heart.
Brush several times in each area
Avoid any broken skin.