About Lisa

Lisa has over 30 years of clinical experience with qualifications in Aromatherapy, remedial and acupressure massage, Reiki master, Certified infant massage instructor, pregnancy massage, 1 year midwifery training and a First Class Hons degree in TCM Acupuncture from the University of Lincoln in 2013.

Her post graduate studies include:

  • Advanced Acupuncture training in Classical Chinese Medicine with Ann Cecil-Sterman who has been a long-term student of Master Jefferey Yuen the world’s foremost transmitter of Classical Chinese Medicine, Taoist doctor and priest; 88th generation of his Taoist lineage.
  • Advanced Pulse taking
  • Advanced Tongue Diagnosis
  •  Fertility, gynaecology, IVF, pregnancy, moxibustion for breech babies
  •  Musculo-skeletal disorders including back pain, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, joint pain, golfers elbow, knee issues.
  •  Korean Hand Therapy
  •  Matrix Reimprinting and Emotional Freedom Technique useful for trauma and phobias

In order to offer her patients optimal treatments Lisa focuses on her own daily personal cultivation practices, which include meditation, yoga, walking, being in nature, mindful eating and dietary practices and ongoing study of Classical Chinese medicine. She works with respect, sensitivity and insight while honouring the tradition and value of the medicine.

She is a member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC), the Acupuncture Fertility Network and The Classical Medicine Academy with Ann Cecil Sterman for ongoing study and mentorship.

Lisa works In Nottingham, West Bridgford with easy access from Radcliffe on Trent, Bingham, Saxondale, Newark and surrounding villages.

For further information on acupuncture in Nottingham, West Bridgford, contact Lisa on 07808 111287 or email lisa@acupuncture-nottingham.co.uk